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Mold Growth Behind Walls

Some of the most difficult mold to notice are the ones you can't see. Like underneath cabinets, behind walls, on top of ceiling panels, and much more. This photo was taken shortly after crews removed the ceiling grid after a large loss water damage. Mold growth has already started to begin, yet was hard to notice behind a layer of vinyl. This can not only be frustrating for homeowners but more time and money consuming. Yet, removing all traces of mold from your home or business will ensure higher air quality and reduced health concerns. Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO if you notice mold growth from your ceilings. 

General Cleaning In Pinellas Park

SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park does more than just water clean up, we also do general cleaning! Whether you are moving in, moving out, or find yourself in a sticky situation with an evicted tenant, we can clean your property and make it "Like it never even happened." This was the aftermath when a tenant was evicted by their landlord. Crews were called in to clean out this bedroom to preloss condition. The landlord was thrilled with the results and how quickly we were able to clean the room before new tenants moved in. For more information on SERVPRO's general cleaning check out http://www.SERVPROcentralstpetersburgpinellaspark.com/cleaning-services

Equipment Spotlight: Air Movers

Our next equipment spotlight is the SERVPRO Air Mover. Air movers are an essential tool for water restoration jobs. They offer high-velocity airflow, which leads to faster drying times to help get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Professional grade air movers are used to improve air circulation to speed up evaporation and reduce drying times. This helps get your home or business back together and running smoothly. Simply put, air movers are heavy duty industrial fans used to speed up the drying process due to water damage, whether caused by heavy storms, flash floods, hurricanes, leaky pipes, etc. Our air movers may also be used to help keep moisture down after mold remediation. Have more questions about SERVPRO's specialized equipment? Learn more at http://www.SERVPROcentralstpetersburgpinellaspark.com/advanced-technology

Equipment Spotlight: Moisture Meter

SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg / Pinellas Park uses specialized equipment to get your home back together after a disaster. One of those tools is the Protimeter or moisture meter. They allow us to read any material for water and moisture. As seen in this photo, this wall was 99.9% affected, resulting in the red light going off. Industry standards calls for less than 17% moisture in order for it to be dry, resulting in a green light. Anything in the middle would report back "At Risk" and a yellow light. 

Moisture meters allow our technicians to pinpoint where the water begins and where the water ends. To learn more about SERVPRO's specialized equipment check out http://www.SERVPROcentralstpetersburgpinellaspark.com/water-repair-process

Mold In Commercial Highrise

Major storms in January 2018 caused this high-rise in Downtown St. Petersburg to flood down every floor. SERVPRO of Central St. Petersburg/Pinellas Park was on the scene for cleanup. Crews noticed large spots of black mold behind doors and inside closets where moisture has sat for days. The first 48 hours is critical after a water damage to prevent the spread of mold. SERVPRO was able to eliminate and prevent the growth of the mold and make it "Like it never even happened." Give SERVPRO a call today at (727) 521-2562 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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